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Concrete inspection and repair is an often overlooked part of managing a residential and commercial buildings. Reinforced concrete can have spalling, rust stains, cracks, ‘concrete cancer’ and poor patchwork which are just a few things that can lead to a bigger remedial problem for building owners. This can only be fixed by remedial works performed by a reliable team of Auckland concrete repair contractors.


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Our Concrete Repair Service

Our concrete repair contractors will inspect the damage and examine the root cause of the problem, allowing us to provide a full repair solution that will get your building looking good as new. Our goal is to not only restore your concrete assets to pristine condition, but also to give them renewed structural integrity so that they require less frequent repairs.


When you need concrete repair work, we're the people to call. Our trained professionals can handle any repair procedure, from stripping re-bar back to a gloss finish and applying protective coatings to patching concrete. We can also supply turnkey solutions, so you don't have to worry about a thing.


When our concrete repair contractors work with you to repair existing problems, we do more than simply fix the damage. We can also make sure your asset is better protected against future damage by preventing ingress of chlorides or carbonation, as well as general wear and tear.

Problems caused from issues with concrete:

  • Water ingress/leaks

  • Moisture ingress

  • Rust of metallic structures

  • Mould and mildew

  • Spalling

Our concrete repair contractor's services:

  • Polymer modified repair mortars

  • Corrosion inhibitors

  • Shortcrete repairs

  • Epoxy repair mortars

  • Magnasite removal and repairs

No matter your situation, if you require maintenance or repair services in any type of building, at any height, we can do the job for you. Have a chat with one of our friendly consultants.

Joint Mastic Replacement

Joint mastic is a soft material that’s placed between concrete slabs to protect them from cracks and breaks. Our technicians can repair any damaged or worn joint mastic material to keep your concrete surfaces looking great for a long time.

Concrete Crack Repair

Concrete can crack for many reasons, including chemical reactions, blunt force or poor construction. We will thoroughly inspect the cracks to identify the cause. Once we know why the concrete cracked, we can repair the damage and prevent it from happening again.

Slab Stabilisation

When there are gaps or voids in cement slabs, they may become unstable. Slab stabilisation is a preventive and restorative procedure that reduces and prevents cracking and other structural damages to the cement slab.

Concrete Cancer Repairs

Concrete cancer is a condition that appears when steel that’s used to reinforce concrete begins to rust. Rust will expand and displace the surrounding concrete, making it brittle, resulting in cracks. Through our extensive process of concrete restoration, we will return your concrete structure to perfect health.

Why Choose Our Concrete Repair Specialists?

The word “contractor” can have a negative connotation. Most people in the construction industry either don’t answer their phones or try to corner you into making a big financial decision. Our team saw what other contractors were doing and knew we could do it better.

We take pride in doing quality work for all our customers and have more than 20 years of experience in the concrete driveway industry.




Our Auckland Concrete Contractors offer a service to homeowners and businesses alike, who require the best value for money concrete driveways installed. Our services are guaranteed to be of the highest standard and are delivered as we say we will by a friendly, competent and reliable team.


Fixed Price Quote

No hidden Costs, our Prices Are Fixed: You can rest assured that when it comes to your concrete repair in the Auckland area, you're getting the best price with fixed prices. This means that the price we quote you is going to be the price you pay us at the end of the job.


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