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About Driveway Aggregate Concrete

Exposed Aggregates are created by removing the top layer of concrete, exposing the surface layer of aggregate. Because we source our pebbles locally, each region in New Zealand has its own distinct mix and look.

Exposed aggregate concrete is a popular material for driveways, patios, and sidewalks. It is resistant to tyre marks in high traffic areas and has the warmth of natural stone. Many different combinations are possible when combined with oxides that change the color of the cement paste between the aggregate.


Where can exposed aggregate concrete be used?

  • Driveways
  • Pool surrounds
  • Internal Floors
  • Paths
  • Outdoor entertainment areas
  • The list is endless

Exposed aggregate is the most popular type of decorative concrete today. Concrete has traditionally been finished with a smooth cement surface that has been trowelled or stippled. The aggregate, or small stones and pebbles that give concrete its strength, was to be hidden beneath the surface. It can also be laid in a range of colours.

Then someone realized that the aggregate contained within concrete could be more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing than the cement that held it together. Furthermore, leaving the aggregate exposed created a highly fricative and durable surface, making it ideal for pools, driveways, motor traffic, and applications requiring a nonslip pedestrian surface.

Thus, the exposed aggregate finish was born, and concrete companies quickly began to collaborate with architects and designers to diversify and exploit the decorative effects possible with this exciting new finish. It was obvious from the start that the aggregate grade could be varied, both to provide different frictional properties and to change the appearance of the surface.

Following that, it was discovered that different regions produce alluvial gravel and stone with varying textures and colors, implying a wide range of exciting aesthetic effects. At CM Concrete, our designers put in a lot of effort to find interesting aggregates that combined the structural properties our customers wanted with exciting innovative and beautiful aesthetic effects.

Sources Of Aggregate Concrete

The aggregates in our concrete are sourced from natural materials native to those regions. As a result, the appearance of our exposed aggregate offering and finish varies naturally from region to region, reflecting the local character of the New Zealand landscape.

The common types of aggregate

The common types of aggregate met in practice are :

  • Sands and gravels found in nature
  • Decorative aggregate
  • Crushed stones (igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic)
  • aggregates manufactured (iron blastfurnace slag, expanded clay and shales, sintered pulverised fuel ash, polystyrene beads)

Ready Aggregate Concrete

Allow CM COncrete to handle your exposed aggregate concrete requirements.

The strength, durability, and affordability of concrete are combined with the natural beauty of New Zealand's spectacular riverbeds in READY Exposed aggrecate. Because the rounded stones are easy on the feet, they are ideal for driveways, patios, paths, and pool surrounds.

The READY Exposed range of exposed aggregate concrete is made up of a variety of different mixes that each have their own natural look thanks to the use of different colored and sized pebbles.

You can also add READY Color to your exposed mix to achieve the desired effect.

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Exposed Aggregate Concrete Laying Method

Exposed aggregate concrete is a popular material for driveways, patios, and sidewalks. It is resistant to tyre marks in high traffic areas and has the warmth of natural stone. Many different combinations are possible when combined with oxides that change the color of the cement paste between the aggregate.

Basic Process for laying & finishing Exposed Aggregate Concrete:

  • The exposed aggregate concrete is installed (min thickness usually 100mm, for driveways).
  • The concreter screeds the concrete after the exposed aggregate has been placed on the ground, forming the area's levels and run offs.
  • The surface is then flattened and all screed lines are smoothed out with a bull float.
  • As the exposed aggregate mix begins to set, they will edge all necessary areas and hand or stick trowel the entire surface to smooth out any imperfections; this also helps to flatten out all aggregate below, giving it a very even and consistent appearance once washed off.
  • Once the exposed aggregate has been completed and the bleed water has begun to dry, they will apply a surface retarder to keep the top layer of the concrete moist. These retarders are colored so that the concreter can see where they have been placed.
  • In some applications, such as hotter days and wetter months, the exposed aggregate may be covered with polythene to protect it from the elements.
  • The concreter will come back the next day to expose the area (we do not recommend same day wash off)
  • The washing process is an important part of achieving a quality exposed aggregate job; the concreter must be careful to only remove enough slurry to expose the aggregate and achieve an even smooth finish.
  1. Over exposure occurs when too much slurry is washed away, causing the mix to look different because the majority of the slurry is removed from between the aggregates.
  2. On the other hand, if not enough of the slurry is washed off, this is known as under exposure, and it can also cause the mix to look different because there will be more slurry, giving the appearance that there is less aggregate, but the aggregate is still present but just deeper beneath the surface.
  • Once the surface has been exposed, the concreter will acid wash it (sometimes the same day or the next day) with a mixture of hydrochloric acid and water to remove all residue, including excess slurry and other contaminants. This process can also be used to even out inconsistencies in the exposure.
  • If the area is large enough, the concreter will make saw cuts and expansion cuts to reduce and control cracking. After cutting, they will wash the area.
  • Once the concrete surface has dried to a satisfactory level, the concreter will apply a surface sealer (typically two coats), which not only protects the concrete but also enhances the color and appearance of the exposed aggregate.

Please keep in mind that exposed aggregate concrete, like regular concrete, is made from natural resources and laid by hand rather than machine, and that there are numerous elements and variables that can affect the final finish. We recommend hiring a reputable exposed aggregate contractor.

Cutting, acid washing & sealing

Acid washing will remove the fine cement slurry from the surface of the concrete providing a fine "sandpaper" textured finish providing more grip but will also darken the concrete color so take this into consideration when choosing your color. Sealing the surface of your new exposed aggregate concrete prevents staining and enhances the natural beauty of the aggregate by giving it a "wet look.

About Our Exposed Aggregate Laying Service

We now have one of Auckland's largest selections of custom concrete finishes that take advantage of the beauty and functionality of exposed aggregate.

With concrete base options ranging from grey and charcoal to off-white and color oxides, our exposed aggregate mixes are sure to leave you speechless.

Bring us your design ideas, and our friendly sales team will show you our range that is on display in our Auckland showroom, and then sit down with you to work out a unique concrete solution that is perfect for your project.

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